Can Healthy Food Make You Fat… Seriously!!!

A big Question on Mind for the people on Healthy Diet…

Healthy Food is one meal that offers you fibers, vitamins,minerals, Iron,calcium. Filling your plate with number of fruits,fresh vegetables, juices makes you healthy or fatty

Lets Find out…

Healthy Food refers to including fresh Fruits, vegetables , juices that have high nutrient value , make you feel good and all day healthy. It includes bananas, Apples, Avocados, Lemon, berries, Eggs, Meat, Almonds, walnuts, Broccoli, Carrots, etc.

A Healthy Food can be categorized in to five parts:

  1. Vegetables: are the plants or we can say parts of plants that are consumed by human beings. All the vegetables are considered to be healthy and each contains some of the other qualities in it which can make a human healthy and fit.
  2. Fruits: are gain a very important source of vitamins, minerals. All fruits provide a very high nutritional value. Out of all there are certain fruits like Banana and its flavored shakes may cause a weight gain. An Apple a day can surely give you good health as apple has very high nutritional value and will surely benefit your health.
  3. Meats and Eggs: Eggs are a very high source of protein. It has almost 5 gms of fats but is highly nutritious. meat may offer certain nutritional benefits.
  4. Cereal Foods: These Foods come under the category of grain Foods that involve Wheat, oats, rice, and very good when consumed as breakfast cereals. These fruits are healthy and may help in weight reduction if consumed properly.
  5. Milk Products: Like Yoghurt, cheese, milk are very rich sources of calcium, magnesium, vitamins and may help you in weight reduction


If food is consumed in a proper manner than healthy food will not make you fat. if a balanced diet is consumed by a person then nuts, berries, walnut, eggs will not make you fat. Each and every category shown above has its own nutritional values and are good sources of Vitamins and minerals. So , we can conclude by the statement ” Do workouts, Eat Balanced and Stay Healthy”


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