How Drinks Affect your Bladder

Does Drinks really affect your bladder…??? Lets Find out

Drinks are liquids that are consumed by human beings. These are intended to satisfy your thirst.

Drinks are of many types like Water, milk, Soft Drinks, juice and juice drinks, wine, beer, etc.

Some Drinks are very good and have high Nutritional Value like juice drinks if consumed add nutritional value to your diet. Juices Like Apple Juice, Pomegranate Juice, orange juices are very good for health.

There are certain drinks like Alcohol, which can increase the acidity of your urine and may irritate the inner lining of the bladder. Certain fizzy drinks which are high in sugar may affect your bladder

Fluids like water, vegetable, and fruit drinks can make your bladder healthy. out of three, Water is the best fluid to make your bladder healthy. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water can make your bladder healthy and free from any bacterial infection. Other Bladder friendly drinks include soy milk, cranberry juice which has cranberries that are packed with abundant nutrients that make your heart healthy, bladder bacteria-free, and prevents you from any kind of infection. Barley water is another drink that can soothe your bladder which is made from boiling barley. There is another category of fluids i.e. caffeine-free teas like fruit teas. It is known with another name called herbal tea which has chamomile, ginger, and peppermint which may soothe your bladder.

Lets now talk about Drinks which may cause irritation to your bladder.

Drinks like Chocolate, Spicy foods, Tomato-based fruits, caffeine-rich drinks like tea, coffee may irritate your bladder and may cause infections. Spicy foods include a flavoured food with a pungent flavour. These foods have antibacterial qualities that may cause infections to your stomach and henceforth your bladder.


Consumption of Healthy Drinks like Water, Soy Milk, Fruit juices, Herbal tea may soothe your bladder . Give yourself sometimes a taste of spicy food but always give your body healthy drinks to stay healthy and safe from any bacterial infections.

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