Ingredients: oil, boiled potato , onion, garlic paste, red chilli powder,   garlic cloves ,  peanuts, roasted,  besan,  soda,  salt, Green chillies


  1. Take oil in a pan,  add hing,  Roast together.
  2. chop onion and Green chilli-garlic paste and saute them together
  3. Now add boiled potatoes, turmeric powder, a tsp of salt,  red chilli powder .
  4. Mix them well 
  5. Add lemon juice to the mixture
  6. Put oil in a pan 
  7. Mix them well and add roasted peanuts 
  8. Now add tamarind and grind them  to get a paste.
  9.  take a bowl and add besan, soda.
  10. Dip the potato balls completely in to the besan mix .
  11. Fry till golden brown.
  12. Take buns and put green chutney,the  masala pakodas 
  13. Serve with the garnishing of fried green chillies on top of it

Ingredients: Split Black Gram, Yoghurt,salt,lal mirch, oil , ginger chopped,basin , fresh coriander


  1. Wash and soak dal in  four cups of  water overnight. 

    2. Grind dal to a smooth paste. 

    3. Heat  oil in a Pan. Drop batter in tablespoonfuls in it and fry until light golden.  

    4. Whisk yogurt well

    5. To serve, place bhallas on a plate and cover with yogurt.  Sprinkle roasted cumin powder.

    6. Garnish with coriander leaves 

Pav bhaji

Ingredients: 1 Pav packet, 4 tablespoon Kasuri Methi, 4 table spoon paav Bhaji Masala(MDH), 3 medium sized Potato, 250 gms Frozen Peas, 4 medium sized Tomato, 2 Carrots, 4 medium Size Onion, 1 Amul Butter(250gms), 1 table spoon Laal kashmiri Mirch, 1 Table spoon Turmeric , Salt(as per taste), 1 lemon, Fresh Coriander Leaves


  1. Wash potato , Tomato, Carrot and Peas with Fresh Water.
  2. Take Hawkins Cooker and heat it on medium Flame, Add 2 Table spoon of Butter in to it
  3. Add Freshly Chopped Tomato , Potato , Frozen Peas, Carrots in to it
  4. Add 2 table spoon of paav Bhaji Masala to get the flavour.
  5. Cover the cooker with its lid and boil it uptil 2 Whistles.
  6. Take a pan and heat it on a medium Flame
  7. Add 2 table spoon of Amul Butter, add a tablespoon of cumin , then add 2 table spoon of kasuri methi, add lal mirch, 1 table spoon of turmeric and salt as per taste.
  8. Add 2 onion finely chopped in to pan and fry till it is pink
  9. open the cooker lid after 10 minutes and add the vegetables to the pan 
  10. mash the vegetables with a masher to get the authentic taste of bhaji.
  11. simmer the pan for 5 minutes on low flame
  12. Add Coriander Leaves for garnishing the bhaji
  13. Your Bhaji is ready to be served with onions and lemons

For Pav:

  1. open the pav packet
  2. Roast the Paav on Taava with a  pinch of coriander leaves and pav Bhaji Masala 
  3. Serve them hot with Bhaji